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Initial measurements – Aurasound NSW2

I bolted an Aurasound NSW2 into a pair of salad bowls from Ikea. The idea here is to use this as the top half of wide-dispersion speaker, assuming I can get a pair of miniAmps working in the miniStack. This is the same driver that Linkwitz uses in the Pluto.

Here is the in-room response, before and after EQ:

NSW2 eyeball, in-room, pre and post EQ

NSW2 eyeball, in-room, pre and post EQ

Response extends to below 200 Hz. I ran it with a steep crossover at 300 Hz and it didn’t seem to mind at all, at moderate levels.

Here is the gated response at 30-degree intervals (thus, at 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, and 150 degrees):

NSW2 gated equalized 0 30 60 90 120 150 degrees

NSW2 gated equalized 0 30 60 90 120 150 degrees

In a quick test run with woofers crossed over at 300 hz, it sounds quite good. If this project goes ahead, I will be trying to amp it with a pair of miniAmps – hence the interest in the low crossover point, so that the two amps each get roughly half the power.


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Readers' comments

    Hi John. I am experimenting using an Alpair 10 combined with an Aura tweeter, the Alpair mounted in a sealed spherical enclosure of 7L. I have eq’d the Aura with a simple series filter 4.3 khz, approx -3db.
    Subjectively it is working well but a little forward. I would be interested in your eq method. The imaging is superb and the relatively limited hf response not an issue.


  • Hi Bob, that sounds like a nice project. I’m using digital EQ, in this case it was a miniDSP, but I may end up doing it in-computer or even in the soundcard, as some (like the Microbook II I’m working on a review for) have onboard DSP.

    Unfortunately I haven’t made much progress with this project… I’d be interested to hear more about yours though!

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