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Equipment previews

miniDSP 2×4 HD with Raspberry Pi Streamer

  Pretty killer for the price, with a Dirac Live enabled version coming out as well. Admittedly, the cabling on tiny boxes like these is not the most elegant… The articles on the streamer start here. Nothing yet on the 2×4 HD. Suggestions?

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Geek Pulse by LH Labs – unboxing

The long-awaited Geek Pulse from LH Labs has finally arrived! Here’s my “unboxing” video. Note: for those unfamiliar with the LH Labs crowd-funding campaigns, the 1G USB cable is not a standard inclusion with the Pulse. It is included only for backers of the first campaign. If you are interested in buying a Pulse now, […]

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MOTU Microbook II highpass and lowpass filters

Since the MOTU Microbook II has, as part of its onboard DSP, highpass and lowpass filters on all outputs, I figured that I can use it as an active crossover, by setting the appropriate highpass and lowpass filters on each output channel. This will be described more fully in the Microbook review that I am […]

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Measurement roundup!

Since I do get asked what hardware to purchase for acoustic measurement, I figured I better come up with a good recommendation. To that end, I’ve selected and purchased some items that I will be evaluating for the September issue: From left to right: Calibrated Dayton EMM-6 microphone from Cross-Spectrum Labs MOTU Microbook II Focusrite […]

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Aktimate Micro in the house

The Aktimate Micro is an active (powered) speaker with an iPhone dock, USB input, and a line input. It looks like the perfect solution for desktop audio and for a small den or bedroom system. Dimensions are 145 x 200 x 240 mm (WxDxH). I’ll be trying it in a few locations and taking measurements to […]

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