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Mini Convertibles get their first showing

The Mini Convertible speakers got their first showing last weekend at “Bathurst,” an audio get-together hosted by Terry Jones. This is still the sealed monitor version, and Terry produced a pair of stands for them from somewhere. The cables coming out to the front of the picture are to subwoofers on either side of the couch.

Mini Convertible at Bathurst

Mini Convertible at Bathurst

As you can see, I made the second prototype with the tweeter offset in the baffle, so I can measure the effect it has on baffle diffraction. (Haven’t done the measurements yet.)

Some of the attendees:

Attendees at Bathurst GtG 2013

Attendees at Bathurst GtG 2013

Terry, by the way, has an awesome DEQX-based system, which I’ve been meaning to try doing some sort of write up on for HifiZine. One day.

Photo Credits: Russ Tunny.



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    Hi John
    Just received my UMIK-1 and now see your work around page is offline. What now?

  • Love all of the happy audio people pictured. Hope our scene is as well subscribed as.yours a ups I delve in. Cheers mates &.sheilas!

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