John Reekie
Technologicality, at work and play


My interest in audio and hi-fi goes back a fair way. In my high-school years, my Dad showed me how to solder an op-amp and a few diodes and resistors onto a breadboard, to create a “fuzz box.” With a cheap electric guitar plugged into one end and a cheap guitar amplifier on the other, it made an absolutely horrendous noise, and I absolutely loved it! It was glorious and I was hooked. I shortly thereafter learnt enough to build a pair of two-way loudspeakers and an “ETI-3000” integrated amplifier – a kit design published by an Australian magazine.

All this was, of course, somewhat of a distraction from more serious pursuits, like classical piano practice and studying for exams. I subsequently undertook two degrees in Electrical Engineering as a result, with an emphasis on musical sound synthesis. Since then I have pursued my interest in audio and hi-fi in various ways, jumping around between commercial equipment, explorations into vintage gear, and the occasional bout of DIY fanaticism.

Statement of Disclosure

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