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And so the journey continues…

It is always interesting to look back. I made my first pair of loudspeakers about… well, a little over 30 years ago. And an amplifier or two. And then the DIY part of the hobby lay dormant for me for many many years. It was vintage valve amps that got me back into it. I happened into a Dynaco ST-70 in Music Lover’s Audio in Berkeley CA, and was agog. Oooo how cool is that? So I bought one on audiogon, and then another, and then I started realizing that they all needing “fixing up.” So I bought an iron and a DVM and remembered how to solder.

Now, I realize DIY is not for everybody. But for me, it’s hard to imagine NOT DIYing now. Now with HifiZine, this whole part of the hobby has been given a tremendous boost, because the DIY part of the hobby combined with something else I love doing, which is writing and explaining things. I love learning about things in such a way that I can then explain what I’ve learnt to others. That’s what’s behind all of my articles in HifiZine, and with a year under our belt now, I have to say that I am having a blast.

As a secondary benefit, my system is also sounding better than it ever has before. I’m truly stoked about how this has all worked out.

In this blog, I’ll be posting short notes on things I might try out, and previews of upcoming articles.


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