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miniDSP miniStack+ (maxiStack?)

This is the miniStack (from September 2011)  with an extra miniAMP stacked on it. miniDSP were kind en0ugh to send me a jumper cable and a few extra parts to enable this setup:

miniDSP maxiStack - photo by HifiZine

Why? Well, this gives me four channels at 20 W each, with each channel in bridged mode – so no capacitors in the signal path, from computer to speaker driver. Is that important? Probably not, but I wanted to try it anyway. This configuration does at least deliver plenty of power (20W per driver, total 80W) into 8 ohm drivers, whereas with a single miniAMP you get only 5W into each 8 ohm driver.

Full article in the September issue.


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Readers' comments

    am thinking of the very same for a small active speaker setup.

    what power source did you use for both the amps? read in your other article that any 12 – 24 v powersource can be used with 1 miniamp module. is it the same for 2?
    I will be using just the minidsp module connected to the 2 mini amps.


    • Hi Adam, I used the 17V supply that I had on hand and which was shown in some photos in the miniStack article. I’ve subsequently purchased a 24V SMPS from connexelectronic, which will enable full power output, but unfortunately no progress on putting it all together yet.

      The key point to note with this configuration is that you must connect BOTH miniAMPs to the power supply – this is to avoid a lot of current flowing along the jumper connectors.

      Just the miniDSP with the two miniAMPs should be fine, the miniDIGI is only for digital input.

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